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Import – export authorized services

Special Cargo Services (SCS) is a company with many-year experience in import/export activities for its own business as well as for authorization. Customers trust in our service because of our accurate, prompt and professional service. Our service team has been trained with import/export and technical knowledge. They are professional and dynamical, can complete the work in any situation.

You will find satisfied in our prompt and reliable service. This will enable you to concentrate on your core business and help you to enhance your market position.

Our services

  • On behalf of customer contact with partner, order and signed
  • foreign trade contracts
  • Prepare all documents related
  • Do the procedures for payment through the bank (if any)
  • Issue commercial Invoice as follow Viet Nam law
  • Apply export (import) automatic license (if any)
  • Buy insurance for cargos (if any)
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing goods
  • Make a complete set of documents
  • Other services relating to import and export authorized field